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About us:

At GoPlayer, we believe that sport, and soccer in particular, goes beyond just being a
activity. It's a passion that unites players, teams and communities around the world. Are
soccer lovers and understand the profound impact it can have on people's lives.

The beginning.

Our story began with Liga del Rey, an amateur soccer league based in Montevideo.
that we founded in 2016. As we grew, we realized the opportunities that the
technology could provide to enhance the experience for players and teams. that's how he was born
Organize it in 2018, a statistical application designed for amateur soccer leagues. This
platform was the first step in our mission to facilitate sports management and enhance the
growth of athletes at all levels.

Over time, we realized that we could do much more. We wanted to be the force
driving force behind a connected community of soccer lovers, where technology
It will help unify organizations, teams and players. This vision led us to evolve towards
what GoPlayer is today: a comprehensive sports management platform that unifies all our
tools in one place.

At GoPlayer, we don't just provide technology solutions like smart cameras, our
Management platform for Leagues and GPS devices to improve performance. Also
we create a space where each player, each team and each league can find visibility,
support and opportunities. We are proud to provide a showcase for talent to shine, where
brands can sponsor and where dreams of growth and improvement can become
In fact.

Our mission.

Our mission is to professionalize amateur sport, empowering its protagonists, from the
players taking their first steps in soccer to teams that compete at high levels
of amateurism. We are passionate about building an ecosystem in which sport and
technology come together to create stories of success, effort and perseverance.

Welcome to GoPlayer, where the love of soccer meets technological innovation.
to form a united and constantly growing community.

Abrazo de Gol, from the GoPlayer team.

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