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Automated filming and match analysis.

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The game filming service with smart cameras that we offer at Go Player is an innovative and technological solution that allows the capture and analysis of sporting events in an automated way.


Capture and analyze

games in an automated



Automatic tracking of the ball.


Selection of the best plays of the match with artificial intelligence.



Our cameras

We have high-quality cameras and advanced technology that can follow the movement of the ball and the players in real time, without the need for someone to handle them. These cameras are placed on the side of the field and connected to our software to generate game recaps with highlights. We also offer the chance to live stream your games

Opt to share the entire meeting...

In addition, our match filming service is customizable according to the client's needs. We can adapt to different sports and levels of competition, offering options for live matches, editing and presentation of the data obtained. All with the branding of your organization and with the possibility of placing advertising banners from your sponsors.


An ideal service for:



Deliver high-quality material in record time to your clients, who will feel the added value and usefulness behind an intelligent and clear imaging system.

Sports Tactics

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Are a company dedicated to developing and improving sport

through technology. We are passionate about helping athletes, coaches and teams

to reach their full potential.

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