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Follow-up of the athlete for performance analysis and injury prevention.



Max Speed

Heat Maps


Punch Force

Ball Possession

Our GPS Athlete Data & Injury Prevention service is an innovative tool that uses cutting-edge technology to monitor athlete performance and prevent injuries.

The Power is in the data:

With our service, coaches and trainers have access to accurate, real-time data on players' speed, distance, heart rate, acceleration and deceleration, allowing them to make informed decisions about team training and strategy.


Prevents futures injuries:

Our injury tracking system uses advanced analytics to identify patterns in player data and catch potential injuries before they become a bigger problem. This allows teams to prevent injuries before they occur, which in turn reduces player downtime and improves overall team performance.

The Perfect Tool:

Easy to use, reliable, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each team. It is the perfect tool for teams looking to improve their performance and keep their players fit and healthy.

Other GoPlayers services:

Are a company dedicated to developing and improving sport

through technology. We are passionate about helping athletes, coaches and teams

to reach their full potential.

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